Even before the current debacle in Oregon broke out, grazing on public lands was a contested legal issue throughout the West. In Nevada specifically, there have been several relevant court cases that have answered the crucial questions: who owns the west? and who has the right to use it?

I’ve provided summaries on these court rulings, listed below:

U.S. v Bundy

U.S. v. Gardner

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of BLM 

Below is an explanation of The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 (TGA) and how the revenue generated from the act is distributed. A visual representation of how the TGA allocates revenue generated due to the Act: Permit Revenue Distribution Infographic

the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934

The link below provides an explanation of federal regulations and programs related to the issue of Grazing Rights and how they intersect with the state government.

Policy and Legislation Involving Grazing Rights in Nevada